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Guidelines for 2004

General Guidelines:

1. To vote, nominate, or win one must be Canadian, (born in Canada or a landed immigrant) or have done the bulk of the work in Canada.

2. Work had to be performed in the 2003 calendar year. For television the first run had to be aired or presented during the calendar year or broadcast year. (2003-May 2004)

3. There are 19 awards in 3 categories:

1) Film, 2) Television, 3) Live comedy.

( For a complete breakdown of the awards offered see last year's awards to see categories and winners.)

4. Nominations close June 30th 2004.

5. Voting will commence in July and close in early August. Check this website for updates.

6. Your email and contact info will remain strictly confidential. We will forward Canadian Comedy Award information only. If you wish to receive other news on offers and discounts, or have new contact information please let us know when registering to vote.

8. The Comedy Association is open to those in the entertainment business who are not part of a guild: comics, improvisers’ agents, producers, etc. To register as part of the association please email stating why you should be a member and give a contact address or number of a voting member as a reference.


In order to make our nomination procedure more reflective of the best in the industry we have revamped the procedure. Please read carefully before submitting nominations.

Note: Stand-up nominations are handled by full-time comedy clubs from coast to coast. A committee with representatives from across Canada decide on the final five candidates and then the entire membership votes on the winner.

1. All nomination submissions must include a signature of a voting member. (DGC, WGC, ACTRA, EQUITY, CFTPA, THE COMEDY ASSOCIATION)

2. All nominations must clearly state the following:

  • Name of the proposed nominee.
  • Date the show was presented.
  • For what category the nomination is made.
  • The signature of the voting member endorsing the nomination.

3. All nominations must include a sample of the show/performer/performance.

a. The sample may be submitted as dvd, cd, vhs, hi-8, mini-dv or beta media.

b. Please include a time code or other description of a 1- 2 minute clip from the media submitted (otherwise we will choose).

c. These media will be forwarded to nomination committees to help arrive at the “final five nominees” for each category.

d. The short clips may be used on the secure voting pages to refresh voters’ minds before they vote.

e. To nominate please send the above information to:

The Canadian Comedy Awards
c/o Higher Ground Productions Corp.,
214 Merton Street Suite 208,
Toronto, M4S 1A6

f. Submitted media may be picked up at our office after the awards.

4. All submissions must include a check or money for $25.00 payable to The Canadian Comedy Foundation for Excellence, a not-for-profit foundation.

If you would like to receive current information regarding the CCA's or have questions or concerns, please email us at:

Privacy Statement:

All information collected for the voting page is confidential and will never be sold, or distributed in any way without your prior consent. All information collected may be scrutinized with member associations to establish voting eligibility You will be contacted with CCA information via e-mail only.


Questions? Concerns? Please email us at:

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