Canadian Comedy Awards

Congratulations to this year's winners
The 2003 Canadian Comedy Awards

  Category - Television:

Pretty Funny Female Performance
  • Cathy Jones - This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Pretty Funny Male Performance
  • Gavin Crawford - The Gavin Crawford Show
Pretty Funny Direction
  • Michael Kennedy, Stephen Reynolds and Henry Sarwer-Foner - Made In Canada
Pretty Funny Writing
  • Rick Mercer & Mark Farrell - Made In Canada
Pretty Funny Direction, Special or Episode
  • Shawn Alex Thompson - Puppets Who Kill 'Cuddles Goes To Jail'
Pretty Funny Writing, Special or Episode
  • Greg Thomey, Colin Mochrie, Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Mark Critch, Mark Farrell, Paul Mather, Peter McBain & Kevin White - This Hour Has 22 Minutes 'New Year's Eve Special'

Category - Film

Pretty Funny Female Performance
  • Nia Vardalos - My Big Fat Greek Weding
Pretty Funny Male Performance
  • Mike Myers - Goldmember
Pretty Funny Direction
  • Paul Gross - Men With Brooms
Pretty Funny Writing
  • Mike Myers - Goldmember
  Category - Live Comedy:
Pretty Funny One Person Show
  • Marc Hickox - Heino Happy Hour
Pretty Funny Comedic Play
  • The Second City - Psychedelicatessen
Pretty Funny Sketch Troupe
  • The Wrecking Crew
Pretty Funny Improv Troupe
  • Slap Happy
Pretty Funny Male Improvisor
  • Doug Morency
Pretty Funny Female Improvisor
  • Lisa Merchant
Pretty Funny Male Stand Up
  • Winston Spear
Pretty Funny Female Stand Up
  • Nikki Payne
Pretty Funny Newcomer
  • Gilson Lubin