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Canadian Comedy Awards

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Please follow the easy instructions and have fun, safe, and responsible voting experience.

“The mandate of these awards is to recognize and celebrate Canadian achievements in comedy at home and abroad.”

We are trying to utilize technology to enable you to refresh your memory or have a brief look at the nominees. Technical quality may vary, but your decision is not based upon the look of the show ­ only if it made you smile or laugh. The only questions you should ask yourself when voting should involve the word funny ­ somewhere. “The performance was good and funny” “the writing was intelligent and funny.” I think you understand. If you don’t feel you know the category or the nominees well enough to make an informed decision ­ don’t vote. Please send any questions or suggestions on the nominating and voting procedures and we shall address them all for next year.


Tim Progosh, The Canadian Comedy Awards

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All information collected may be scrutinized with member associations to establish voting eligibility.

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