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Canadian Comedy Awards & Festival AND The Comedy Network are searching for Canada's best impressionist in The Great Impression Contest.

Congratulations to our two top vote getters Derick & Mat!
The Winner: Derick Lengwenus of Montreal, Quebec! Click here to view video
2nd Place: Mat Gauthier of Sarnia, Ontario! Click here to view video
Congratulations also goes out to Howie, Steven, and Adrian by rounding off the top 5 positions!
Close 3rd: Howie Miller - Edmonton, Alberta! Click here to view video
4th Place: Steven Hoffner - Toronto, Ontario! Click here to view video
5th Place: Adrian De Sousa - Toronto, Ontario! Click here to view video
Thanks to all that participated!

Rich Little, Andre Philippe Gagnon, that guy from “Police Academy”… okay , so maybe not him, but we all love a good impressionist. They make us laugh; they amaze us with their talent, well – now it’s your turn!
“The Great Impression” Contest is a national contest to find Canada’s best impressionist. Open to anyone of any age, this contest will be judged by the public on-line and by committee via The Canadian Comedy Awards and Festival. It is run in coordination with the Comedy Network and as a lead up to the Canadian Comedy Awards and Festival.
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How It Works:
As corny as it may sound… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Stand and Deliver:
As the old saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. In this case, it’s one entry – one impression. Starting August 15th, 2005 simply film yourself or your friend or whoever, doing their best impression. You have a max of two minutes on tape, so – get to the point, quickly.. We want to see the one person or character that you do the best impression of. Then, send the tape, or upload it to us, and our committee of professional comics, entertainers and producers will take a look, which leads me to…
Judging and Voting:
So, our team of professionals will pour over all of the tapes, discs, and mpegs that we are sent to determine who the best of the bunch is. Throughout the entry period we will try and whet your appetite with streaming video samples, and montages of those that have entered. Then the fun begins. Our panel will narrow down all of the entries to 10 of the best impressions in Canada, and then it is up to the public. The online voting will take place on this site and will start later in September. The public’s choices will tabulated until…
The Final Showdown:
The top ten will be narrowed to a final two, the two best impressionists of the lot. And then, these two talented titans of mimicry will face off in an epic battle. The two finalists will be flown, bused, trained, taxied (or whatever travel is deemed necessary) to the 6th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards and Festival in London, Ontario, October 19th to 22rd, 2005. They will receive hotel accommodations, and VIP passes to all festival shows. They will then have the honor of gracing one of our many festival stages, to see who is best. Our comedy connoisseurs (the fans) at the festival will judge the final performance and determine the ultimate winner. The winner will receive a handsome prize pack and enjoy the title of Canada’s Best Impressionist for a year.
It’s just that easy – so what are you waiting for – get on it!
You only get one chance to make a great impression.